Where to Spectate

There are many places to watch the races from at Schenley Park, The track layout through the golf course  provides spectators with several options. Here are a few ideas, with a brief description of each. All of the areas described can be reached by using the free shuttle bus service.

The above aerial images give you a small clue.

Pit / Paddock Area

The paddock provides a close-up view of the race cars, drivers, crews and support vehicles. If you arrive early enough, you can see the cars being unloaded, going through “tech inspection” and watch the crews making them ready for practice and qualifying runs, and for Sunday racing. It’s a busy place with last minute tuning, fueling and race preparation.

Start / Finish Line

Just a few hundred steps from the paddock area, you’ll find the center of all racing activity. The Start/Finish area is basically the grassy area encompassed by Bartlett and Beacon Streets as they meet Hobart Street. You can see the stewards, pace cars, timers / scorers, flagmen, race announcers, press and photographers, VIPs, drivers and track vehicles. As central control, this area keeps the pulse on all that is happening on the track and surrounding areas. The officials assemble the race cars, flag them for the start/finish, keep the race on time and under control. There are ample spectating areas, and a great view of the race. Because of space limitations there is no parking at this area. The PVGP provides free shuttle bus service from the golf course and from our Parking lot on Flagstaff Hill.

George Westinghouse Pond

Just below the entrance to Carnegie Mellon University and the George Westinghouse Memorial Pond, you’ll find a gently sloping grassy area that is ideal for race watching. It is the first major hairpin (180 degree) turn of the racetrack. The race cars come up a gentle slope, fighting for the best “line” through the turn. There’s some good dicing going on here as the cars drift into position, accelerating out of the turn, up another grade and through the next bend in the course. This is a good area to try your speed photography and to picnic under the trees.

Golf Course Area

With an extended view of the track, freedom of mobility and for being part of the crowd, the golf course, largest of our spectator areas, is the place to be. Sloped grassy areas ideal for sitting, provide long views of the track through two “hairpin” turns, connected by an interesting straight and some gentle curves. Saturday of race weekend, the golf course is host to the popular British Car Day as well as 1000 other show cars.. Sunday the course is taken over by the festive Patron Parking parties. Sponsors and vendors occupy their respective areas on the golf course all weekend.

Flagstaff Hill Parking

The track layout through Schenley Park provides spectators with several options. Here are a few ideas, with a brief description of each. All of the areas described can be reached by using the free shuttle bus service. Between Phipps Conservatory and Carnegie Mellon University, Flagstaff Hill was once the host to the Saturday car shows and the Larry Smith Memorial Car Show. Those shows have been moved to the golf course in order to create a parking lot for PVGP spectators. Parking is only $20.00 per day and there is a free air conditioned shuttle bus to the races.