MINI Track Rides

MINI Track Rides are one of the best ways to see our event – right from the track! In its 10th year, the MINI Track Rides is a huge success and one of our most exciting sponsorship opportunities. Three new race-equipped MINI Coopers are custom wrapped with sponsor logos and showcased on the track and at all Grand Prix events. Best of all, as a sponsor, you are able to put your guests into these cars to experience a hot lap on the actual race tracks. Vince Longo Jr. and his skilled drivers take riders around the track for an experience and view you can only get from inside a car on the track.





2018 PVGP Track Cars

The decaled MINI’s are supplied by MINI of Pittsburgh and are modified for the track. We want to thank the entire team at MINI of Pittsburgh and P&W Motors for supporting this program…it’s been fun!

There is a Track Rides hospitality tent in Schenley Park where guests can eat and drink while they wait for their rides. The MINI Track Rides Tent is located at the top of the Serpentine turn and offers one of the best vantage points to watch the weekend’s races.

Cars can be made available for sponsors to display at their locations before and during Race Week. The PVGP can issue gift certificates ahead of the event so that they can be given away as promotions or prizes for customers.

There is VIP room for the Track Rides at Pitt Race  in the new Timing Tower and it is  reserved for sponsors and guests! An air-conditioned area with food, refreshments, beer and a view of the track! Email Vince Longo Jr. for sponsorship opportunities.



MINI Phil DiLucente Track Ridess by Jim WeslagerThanks to the tireless efforts of Vince and his team, new sponsors are added each year. MINI of Pittsburgh remains the car sponsor of the Track Rides. Phillip DiLucente has once again stepped up to a full sponsorship – thanks Phil! Signs By Tomorrow will handle the immense task of wrapping all three MINIs. We want to welcome back all the sponsors below.

Our new location at the top of the Serpentine, in Schenley Park, has worked out great. The MINI Track Rides Tent offered a great vantage point to watch the weekend’s races while also becoming our entry point onto the track for all of our rides.

The tent is hosted by Kate Longo and she provides the sponsors with plenty of food and drinks provided by the Post Office Deli.  Sponsors get VIP treatment to an exclusive venue to watch the weekend’s activities by special invitation.



If your organization or group is interested in purchasing some rides, please e-mail Vince Longo Jr. for details

$107,000 Raised, and Counting!

To date the MINI Track Rides have raised over $100,000 for autistic and intellectually/developmentally disabled individuals in the Pittsburgh region!

2019 MINI Track Ride Sponsorships- PDF

An experience that’s anything but MINI

Vince the Tarmac Specialist
Vince Longo Jr. heads up the “MINI Track Rides” program and leads the team of drivers

The MINI Track Rides program is a huge success and one of our most exciting sponsor opportunities. The program was created by Vince Longo with one goal in mind:  to raise money for the PVGP charities (and to get on the track all weekend!).  Over the past eight years of hosting this program, it has grown into a large contributor to the charities. Three new MINIs are custom wrapped and showcased at all Grand Prix events.  During the race weekends, rides are offered on the track to sponsors, giving guests a truly unique way to see the Grand Prix. The MINI Coopers are custom designed to reflect this year’s sponsors.  Our trained drivers will take you around the actual race track for an experience and view you can only get from inside a car. MINI Track Rides offer racing enthusiasts and charitable donors alike a chance to get a part of the racing action at Pittsburgh International Race Complex and Schenley Park.  “I feel I bring the racing as close to the spectators without actually being a racer,” said Vince Longo, who both acted as organizer and driver for the program. Vince wanted to help raise money for the charities in a way that would bring the excitement of driving on the track to the sponsors.  He organized MINI Track Rides in 2011, allowing sponsors to have their logos on the vehicles in exchange for a donation.

Proceeds were generated in addition by offering rides around the tracks in between each race heat, as well as during lunch breaks. If you can envision your company’s logo on our MINIs and want to help out the charities, please contact the PVGP! Last year our sponsors made it a fantastic year.  With our main sponsor, MINI of Pittsburgh and Phillip DiLucente, we are able to make this whole program happen.  We can’t stress enough how great it is that MINI each year gives the PVGP three new cars to wrap with sponsor logos. Vince had to rely on his MINI racing experience, his close relationship with MINI of Pittsburgh and reputation as a performance racing instructor at PIRC to convince MINI to make that happen.  Imagine walking into a car dealership and asking them to let you use three brand new cars to ride people around a race track at speed, and then tell them we are going to wrap them in sponsor logos.  Now you can see the generosity and enthusiasm of MINI of Pittsburgh. This program happens because of P&W Owner, Tracy Foster, Dealership Manager, Mike Brown, and MINI of Pittsburgh Motoring Manager, Shawn Frazier, who all support the PVGP and its great charities. We want to give a huge “thank you” to these gentlemen. Every year, Vince picks his drivers for the MINI Track Rides.  And every year, it is a huge commitment from those drivers. This year, the drivers represent MINI and this is demonstrated on their resumes.   We are now securing our sponsors and spots are filling up fast, so if you are interested and supporting the charities contact the PVGP. The MINI Track Rides program is about bringing the community together and helping raise money for the charities.  When you see the MINIs at all the events, check out the sponsors who support the PVGP.  It’s easy to see how the people and businesses are able to come together for such a great cause.

The MINI Track Drivers want to thank their friends the track workers who help them get on and off-track safely. When you think of the MINI Track Rides, remember that it’s not what you get out of your sponsorship support, or the cost of your ride for a spirited lap of the course– it’s about what you give to the charity and support the goal of helping others. This is the very reason why we do it every year, like every volunteer who makes this great, truly unique racing event so spectacular each time.