Ford – Official Truck of the PVGP

Ford provides the horsepower fo our event. As part of a long-standing sponsorship, Ford is known as the Official Truck of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix — providing the horsepower to build our race course and keep the event running smoothly. You will see Ford’s F-Series at all of our Race Week events as well as on the track at Schenley Park and at Pitt Race Complex. Volunteers will be using the trucks to haul heavy loads throughout the weekend because there’s nothing tougher than a Ford F-Series.

PVGP official ford logo - Med Rez




Ford Sponsorship at PVGP


Many thanks to the Pittsburgh area Neighborhood Ford Stores for their generous support of our event and charities.

Neighborhood Ford Store

We welcome Neighborhood Ford Store back once again as a long-time sponsor of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Through Neighborhood Ford Store’s generous support of our event and our charities continue to thrive. Neighborhood Ford Store is a group of 81 Ford dealers in western Pennsylvania, southeastern Ohio, the panhandle of Maryland and north central West Virginia.

Each year Ford prepares a special truck for the Grand Prix. The truck makes appearances throughout the summer. Here are some pics from the past years.

2019 PVGP – Ford Raptor
2018 PVGP – Ford F-150
2017 PVGP Ford F-150
2106 PVGP – Ford F-150
2015 PVGP – Ford F-150
2014 Ford Lariat
2014 PVGP – Ford F-150 Lariat


2013 Truck
2013 PVGP Ford F-150


2012 PVGP – Ford F-150
2011 Ford Truck
2011 PVGP – Ford Raptor








2010 Ford F-250
2010 PVGP – Ford F-250







2009 Ford F-250
2009 PVGP – Ford F-250








2008 Ford F-250
2008 PVGP – Ford F-250







2007 Ford F-150
2007 PVGP – Ford F-150