Sponsor Logistics/FAQ

Sponsor Logistics for Schenley Park Race Weekend – July 24/25, 2021


Dan DelBianco cell: 412 559-3500

Bob Speer cell: 412 848-1149

Don Privett cell (412) 390-4712

Address: Bob O’Connor Golf Course at Schenley Park 5370 Schenley Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15217


All sponsors should report to the Schenley Park Golf Course clubhouse first before venturing onto the golf course – even if you know, or think you know where your tent is. Please ask for one of our contacts above and they will escort you to your assigned spot on the golf course – do not drive onto golf course to look for your tent. Sponsors may not begin to set up on the golf course until 9 am Friday. It will then be open for you to move in until 7 pm Friday. If you have vehicles to place under or beside your tent they must be moved in on Friday. The only vehicle movement on Saturday or Sunday will be for your support vehicle or catering vehicle. Only one event access pass will be send with your sponsorship package.


Sponsors are not allowed to begin break down before 5:00 pm on Sunday, July 25 unless instructed. The races usually last until 5:00 pm and sometimes longer. Spectators and cars are still moving about the grounds all day and early break downs can cause problems. Certain properties can be left overnight, but they must be removed by noon Monday. There is no security provided on the golf course Sunday night.

Sponsor Packages

In late June you will receive a tube in the mail with large posters, small posters, pins and passes.

Schenley Park Map

Two new maps have been developed for Schenley Park. One identifies the car clubs and sponsors on the golf course while the other provide directions into and around Schenley Park along with road closures and detours.

Lamar VIP Pavillion

Some sponsorship packages include passes to the Lamar VIP Pavillion at Schenley Park. This is a trackside tent complete with food and drink. Please specify which days you prefer – Saturday or Sunday. Both days are very similar with races and car shows each day. The menus are similar and beer, wine and soft drinks are served each day. Passes will be mailed to you in late June. Please have your guests bring the passes with them to the event, our volunteers at the tent do not have guest lists and will not allow entry without a pass. Children under the age of 10 do not require a pass but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Once you enter you pass will be exchanged for a VIP lanyard and your hand will be stamped to allow for re-entry all day.

Race Program Ads

Race Program ads are due June 1 – email a PDF to Dan DelBianco. All ads are island ads with no bleeds. Specs are: Full Page Ad: 7 3/8” wide x 9 1/2” high, Half Page Ad: 7 3/8” wide x 4 ¾” high, Quarter Page Ad: 3 ½” wide x 4 ¾” high. Here is a link that has a PDF of the 2019 program where you can see ads that other sponsors created in the past. If you want to make a race-themed ad, we can supply hi-rez images from past years – here is a link to our Flickr Galleries. Details

Hours of Operation

The show grounds are open for sponsors beginning at 8am Saturday and Sunday. Car show participants and spectators arrive at 9:30 am each day. You can open as early as 9:30 am, but recommended hours of operation are 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.


Most sponsor packages do not include tents, tables or chairs. The PVGP contracts with All Occasion Party Rental for sponsor tents. Contact Cindy Scott at 412 788-8100. Pricing and selection are available here. If you are erecting a tent with an outside firm you must contact the PVGP to make arrangements for the tent company to be allowed to enter the show grounds. Here are recommended layouts for tables and chairs with standard tent sizes. Please be aware that there is no water or power on site so you need to be prepared.

Heavy Trucks

The PVGP rents the golf course from The First Tee of Pittsburgh and must abide by their rules. Light trucks (under 14,000 lbs) are permitted on the golf course. Anything over 14,000 pounds must be approved and are permitted only in limited areas. Please contact Dan DelBianco to make any special arrangements.

Support Vehicle Parking

Sponsors will receive one Event Access pass. These passes allow you to drive your support vehicle onto the golf course. The pass will have the sponsor name and gate written on it – you must enter through the gate assigned. You are not permitted to transfer this to another vehicle once your support vehicle is on the golf course. These passes are used by sponsors to bring catering vehicles and SUV/vans with materials needed at the tent. Once unloaded, we recommend you move the support vehicle away from the tent and park it out of the way of the show unless you need to keep it at your tent all weekend. The parking lot at the clubhouse is not available – it is used for deliveries, heavy trucks, food service and medical vehicles.

Flagstaff Hill Parking Passes

These are free passes to park on Flagstaff Hill, across the street from Phipps Conservatory.They are valued at $20 each and are good for Saturday or Sunday. We will mail these to you with the wristbands in early June.


There is no direct electrical power available on the golf course. You are permitted to bring your own generator if you require power – whisper generators are required. The PVGP can rent you a generator and it includes refueling. Generators can be rented for $400 for the weekend, including PVGP provided fuel. Generators must be picked up and dropped off and signed for at the clubhouse. Please contact Dan DelBianco to make arrangements.


Most sponsorship packages include the banner option. The PVGP does not supply or hang the banners. Sponsors are required to bring their own banners and hang them at their tent or on the snow fence or the metal fence along Schenley Drive. Because of the large number of banners, the PVGP is not responsible for the return of banners, so sponsors are encouraged to remove them when the event concludes on Sunday afternoon. It is best not to date them so they can be used elsewhere and in future years.


Most sponsor packages include the placement of your logo.
– For the PVGP website we accept PNG or JPG files – they should be in color see sponsor page for examples – a horizontal logo works best since the allotted space is twice as wide as it is high. Vertical logos will be smaller and harder to read. Please let us know if there is a specific page to link the logo or we will simply link to your homepage.
– For the PVGP volunteer t-shirt EPS or vector file is best and it will be printed in one color.

Posters, Race Programs and Pins

If you were promised poster and pins they will be mailed to you in June. The Race Programs are not available until Race Week begins and are available at all Race Week events. Please see any PVGP volunteer and they will have them delivered to you.

Pitt Race Passes

These will be mailed to you in June. Each pass is good for one day: Friday, July 16, Saturday, July 17 or Sunday, July 18. They are valued at $20 each.

Social Media

Most packages include PVGP promotion of your sponsorship on our social media channels. We have 10,300 followers on Facebook, 3,200 on Twitter and 3,100 on Instagram. On Facebook we can share any posts that you want to let us know about. We can also create a dedicated post but prefer to work with you on the message and content. We also post on Instagram so if you have an image or message we can turn it into a post. Our Instagram handle is @pghvintagegp and Our Facebook page can be found here.

Event Tickets

As part of your sponsorship package, you may receive tickets for the Blacktie Gala or Tune-Up Party. There are no physical tickets mailed – entry is done by a guest list. Please email your guest list to the PVGP.


As a sponsor, you are permitted and encouraged to use the PVGP logo and poster image to promote your sponsorship. We can even supply you with hi-rez images from past events on our Flickr Gallery.

Tent Logistics

We recommend you consider the following items if you are entertaining with a tent:

  • Duct tape and staple gun
  • Wooden stakes for hanging banners or signs
  • Rope and cable zip-ties to hang banners and wire cutters to cut them down
  • Landscape pins to pin down extension cords in and around the tent
  • Potted plants for the perimeter of the tent
  • Utensils – forks – knives – spoons, paper plates, napkins and paper towels
  • Extra trash bags
  • Pop barrels or coolers and plenty of ice
  • Generators are available if power is needed – you will need to bring extension cords and adaptors
  • Balloons and ribbon for decorations
  • Directional signs, sponsor recognition signs and tent signage
  • Small ladder to decorate and hang items in your tent
  • Name badges for staff and possibly guests – Sharpie markers are a must
  • Sanitary gloves if handling any food
  • Foil trays and/or aluminum foil for food handling
  • 409 spray cleaner for tables and chairs, etc
  • 5 gallon buckets and a few gallons of water for cleaning hands – there is no water available
  • Donation jars with lids – if you intend to collect for PVGP charities


If you are in need of lodging, the Grand Prix has several partner hotels. Each one makes a contribution to the PVGP charities. Please visit our Pittsburgh Hotel Partner Page.