Italian “Cortile” Car Show

Saturday, July 20 & Sunday, July 21, 2019

Italian Car Show Cortile“The Cortile” is the Italian Car Show, at The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. In Italian “Cortile” translates into courtyard which is an appropriate name for our display of fine Italian macchina on the 18th fairway of the Bob O’Connor Golf Course at Schenley Park during the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

All Italian cars, all makes and ages, are welcome to the annual Cortile Italian Car Show July 20-21, 2019. Enjoy the entire weekend at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix overlooking the car shows on the Golf Course.

2018 PVGP Italian Cortile



Iso Rivolta Symbol Insignia Crest Cortile Pittsburgh Car Show Italian

Each year the Cortile selects a marque or model to highlight for the annual event based upon factors such as historical significance, unique local interest, brand resurgence, etc.

The Macchina of Rivolta have been selected as our 2018 Proiettore Macchina! The Rivolta family has been involved in scooters, motorcycles, sports cars, grand touring cars, as well as yachts and the automotive design house Zagato.

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The Italian Cortile

In 2008, at the 26th running of The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, “All Italian Cars” were featured as the “Marque of the Year” We had an overwhelming response! But there was no local car club and no local dealers to manage an all Italian car show.

So, as a direct result, in 2009 the PVGP introduced “The Cortile”: a very unique, opulent area befitting the gorgeous Italian gems that participate. The Cortile is a PVGP run event and not a club event which makes it rather unique from many of the other car shows that occur over the Grand Prix weekend.

The Cortile is a two day car show of All Italian cars, all makes and ages are welcome. Be sure to Marque your calendar and come and enjoy the weekend at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix overlooking the International car show on the Schenley Park Golf Course. It should be a spectacular weekend.