Checkered Flag Winners

Starting in 2009 the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association began awarding checkered flags to recognize the extraordinary efforts of its volunteers and partners. The first flag was awarded posthumously to our Chief Starter Don “Downtown” Brown. Since then we have waved the flag for 70 people listed below.

The list continues to grow because the PVGP has hundreds of volunteers and supporters who give an incredible amount of time and effort each year. Thank you all!

2017 Recipients: (left to right) Dan Holmes, Dominic Cincotta, Susan Gera, Aaron Hmel, Heidi Buckley, John Bechtol, Greg Farrell, Dotti Bechtol and Ken Wojnar.

Don Brown – Executive Committee and Chief Starter (in memory)
John Kerr – PVGP Executive Committee and Logistics for all Events
Dan Torisky – Founder, Board of Directors and Operating Committee
Mike Connolly – Race Director, Board Member and President of Executive Committee

Jim Burke – 2010 Poster Artist and contributing artist for 20 years
Dave & Pam Finney – Thunder Run Motorcycle Captains
SHOP n’ SAVE – Presenting Sponsor

Donna McDonough – PVGP Executive Committee and Chief Registrar
Maggie Schmotzer – PVGP Board of Directors and Blacktie Chair
Regis Champ – AVS Chairman and PVGP Board of Directors
Chris Sandvig – PVGP Executive Committee and Race Program Editor

Paul & Sue MacIntyre – PVGP Executive Committee, Merchandise and Kick-Off Rallye
Jeff Duxbury – Schenley Park Golf Course Superintendant
Jerry and Barb Longstreth – Merchandise, Car Show Committee and Marque of the Year
Bob Speer -PVGP Executive Committee and Showside Director
Ron Mahoney – 2012 Poster Artist

John Gloninger – PVGP Executive Committee and Patron Parking Captain
Don Privett – Vendor Village Captain and Waterfront Car Cruise Captain
Deborah Liotus – Executive Committee and  Treasurer
Vince Longo Jr. & Christopher Longo – MINI Track Rides
Rocky, Geoff & Greg Farrar – Race Course Set-Up and Tear Down
Bill Haus – PVGP Executive Director and Historics Race Director
Bernie Martin – Italian Cortile and Social Media Director
Richard Spring – Downtown Car Show Captain
Joe & Vicki Ropar – Flagger/Corner Worker Captains
Ray & Kristine Dembowski – Corner Workers
Dan Taylor – PVGP Board of Directors and Sponsor
Jake Zoller – RR Donnelley Printing Partner
Tip Paul – Vintage Motorbike Show Captain

Cathy Dernorsek – PVGP Executive Committee, Volunteers and Security
Ted Sohier – PVGP Executive Committee and Race Announcer
Tait Hilbert – Chief of Grid
Dean & Meredith Croucher – Chief Stewards
Paul Miller – Car Show Committee and Registration
Matt Little – Official PVGP Photographer
Ron George – American Car Show Captain
Mark Sheldon – European Car Show Captain
Mark Morrow – American Car Show Captain
Rich Haeflein – Shop ‘n Save Sponsor

Meghan Speer – Asian Car Show Captain and Operating Committee
Bud & Cindy Osbourne – Countryside Tour Captains
Ray Christner – Transportation Captain and Operating Committee
Eric Zagrocki- Allegheny Chapter BMW Club and Operating Committee
Bill Permar – Allegheny Chapter BMW Club and Operating Committee
John Putzier – Presenting Sponsor GPADF
Michael Schindel – Competition Committee, Flashlight Drags and Racer
Cliff Laschon – Cars N Coffee Captain and Operating Committee
Don Baker – Timing & Scoring and Operating Committee
Les Walter – Timing & Scoring and Operating Committee
George Jacoby – Outgoing Chairman – PVGP Board of Directors
Bill Seaman – Race Course Construction and Media
Bill Stoler – Race Photographer

Ramona Corey – VIP Pavilion Captain
Stan Geier – Board of Directors and Sponsor
Don Johnson – Jaguar Club and Race-side Volunteer
Ken Murin – Competition Committee and Race-side Volunteer
Amy Rocini/Merakey AVS and Merchandise Volunteers
Ed Rice – Porsche Club representative and sponsor
Gigi Saladna – Board of Directors and Black-Tie Gala Committee
Tom Schweitzer – Outgoing President British Car Day, Car Club Committee
Steve Struebing – Race-side Volunteer, Operating Committee
Steve Weber – On-Site Media and Operating Committee
Danny Yanda – Competition Committee and former Board member

Bob Borgo – Race Director
Brian Urban – Assistant Race Director
Barry Kaplan – Chief Safety Steward
Chris Granche – Assistant Race Director
Walt Mantenkosky- Chief Course Marshal
Karen Hanchett – Chief of Motorcycle Security
Ken Wojnar – Operating Committee
Greg Farrell – Walnut Street Car Show Chairman
Heidi Buckley – Patron Parking
Susan Gera – Media and Jet Center Co-Chair
Pittsburgh International Race Complex – Partner
Dotti Bechtol – Racer and Treasurer/Board of Directors
John Bechtol – Competition Director
Dan Holmes – Creative Director
James Dolan – Racer and Board of Directors

Manfred Woodall – Media and Website Team
Reid Smith – Donation Stations Captain and sponsor
Mike Csonka – Flagstaff Hill Parking
Brad Meyer – Clubhouse
Bob McKeown – Car Collector and PVGP Car Show Participant
Andrew Stockey – Emcee for Blacktie Gala and unofficial ambassador
Bobby Rahal Auto Group – Sponsor
Allegheny Chapter BMW Club – 2018 Marque of the Year
Corky Bennett – HAM Radios
Lenny Santora – Corner worker and volunteer since 1991
Allan Rubin – Race side volunteer since 2006
Clare & Wayne Kaufmann – Race side volunteers since 1985
Jim & Kelly Gezo – Race-side, show-side and Race Week volunteers