Food Courtyard at Schenley Park

 July 24/25, 2021


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix hosts a Food Courtyard at the center of activities in Schenley Park on July 24/25 Race Weekend. Spectators can stop in for lunch, a snack or just to get out of the sun for a cool drink or a treat. There is seating provided with 12 umbrella tables set up in the courtyard with a view of the race track!  

food-courtyardThe Food Courtyard offers a unique selection of food, snacks, drinks and sweet treats.  Restrooms are located nearby. Guests stop by throughout the weekend while they are browsing the car show and watching the races.

Set-up time begins at noon on Friday, July 24, or you can pull your food truck in on Saturday morning before 9:00 AM. The PVGP will provide tents and tables for customer seating.  Electricity will be provided via generator, but running water is not available.

The area will be limited so don’t delay in registering.

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix to provide:

  • Location within the Food Courtyard area on the Schenley Park golf course on July 24/25 Race Weekend. The PVGP will provide 12 umbrella tables and 48 chairs for general customer seating. Electricity will be available via generator, but running water is not available. You will be responsible for collecting your own payments and reporting any sales tax. – $2,500 value
  • The PVGP will make 4 daily announcements read live over the PA system throughout the park. Your name will be mentioned. $400 value

The total value of PVGP Amenities $2,900

Sponsor to provide:

  • Sponsorship fee of $2,000 for the weekend. Payable to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association before July 1.

2021 Food Courtyard Form


Don Privett manages all three of our Vendor Village locations. You can email  Don Privett or call him at 412-390-4712 with any questions.