Tune-Up Party @ Heinz Field

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 6:00 – 9:00 PM

Our Fabulous Tune-Up Party has moved to Heinz Field. There is double the space we had on the bridge to handle this growing event. Heinz Field will be the new headquarters with Car Showcase surrounding the stadium. The always popular race car corral will be on the plaza in front of the stadium and the Riverwalk and will be expanded to include more specialty and exotic cars. The Car Showcase will be on the plazas, Art Rooney Avenue and General Robinson Street.

Welcome to our new Tune-Up lead sponsor: Bank of America Merrill Lynch! They have stepped up their commitment to the PVGP.

The best part is that more people can participate in the evening’s Car Showcase. When you register on-line you can also purchase a reserved space within the Car Showcase to display your special vehicle.

2018 PVGP Tune-Up @ Heinz Field

Registration opens in late March.


Plans are to have all vehicles (show cars and race cars) enter from General Robinson Street – the entry gate will be behind Stage AE. This will also be the only entrance for anyone who has preregistered/paid ahead of time.

There will be pedestrian entrances at the intersection of Art Rooney Avenue & North Shore Drive and another down on the Riverwalk (underneath North Shore Drive).

Race Cars and Trailers
Anyone with a race car or a trailered vehicle can begin to load in at 3:00 pm from General Robinson Street – there are no other entrances. There will be limited parking for race car trailers at the end of Art Rooney Avenue.

Car Showcase
All vehicles that are parking in the Car Showcase must be preregistered and can begin to park at 5:00 pm. Enter from General Robinson Street – there are no other entrances. The bars will not open until 5:30 pm and the food will not be served until 6:15 pm but you are welcome to move in starting at 5:00 pm – please do not show up early, the street will not be closed and we are not permitted to block the street until 5:00 pm.


Lynne Figgins – Co Chair
Maralee Williams – Co Chair
Giovanni Morgano
Michelle Polaski
Bob Speer
Marci O’Donnell
Lara Dalton
Sara & Mike Moore
Elizabeth Satina

Founders & Honorary Chairs
Dotti & John Bechtol
Rosemary & Joe Mendel

Many thanks to our Tune-Up committee, PVGP volunteers, the City of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Sports & Exhibition Authority for helping us to make the move.

2019 PVGP Tune-Up at Heinz Field Sponsorship – PDF

The Tune-Up  Pitt-Crew

We want to thank our individuals and sponsor organizations:


ML logoMatt Little is the Official PVGP Photographer. He has a talent for seeing cars in a unique way. Take a look at his incredible photography on his website and purchase images.


2019 Race Week

Donate Your Used Car to the PVGP

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