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July 25-26, 2020

Vintage Racers,

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is one of the premier vintage racing and charity events in the country.  I am honored to be the new Competition Director for Schenley Park.  I have participated in various roles in the Grand Prix since it’s inception: as a spectator, a car show participant, a photographer, a rallye driver, a member of the drivers and competition committees, and as a racer.  

This is a one-of-a-kind event. The dominant features of other “street course” races are barriers and catch fences.  Standing on a golf course or field and watching cars racing near you is a thing of the past everywhere else.  We work very hard to keep it authentic, safe and fun! 

2020 promises to be the best yet! We are reuniting with the VSCCA and they will be bolstering our Pre-War and Sports/Formula grids. Many of their racers have been with us since we started – and once again, they’ll be racing on the streets, they way they did at the beginning. The VRG will partner with us at the PVGP Historics at Pitt Race on the first weekend and we hope that many members will stick around or return the following weekend at Schenley Park.

Joe Teplitz

PVGP Competition Director – Schenley Park
#13 1969 Datsun 510

2019 PVGP Drivers


Dual Registration

Our registration system accepts single entries for both race weekends and allows for discounts for participants of both events. Accommodations will be made to store cars for free at PIRC during the week between races if you are participating at both events. With a week of events scheduled between race weekends the Grand Prix is hoping that participants will choose to stay in town the whole 10 days. The field at Schenley Park will be limited to 200 cars. Registration forms and links are located in the upper right corner of this page.

PVGP Mission

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix’s mission remains the same as when it was established back in 1983 “To host a world-class vintage race event that celebrates our automotive heritage and raises money for charity.” In the original spirit of vintage racing that took place on public roads in the 1940’s and 1950, our vintage races through the streets of Schenley Park will continue to present a safe and friendly environment for our drivers and fans.


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand has been one of the leading vintage race organizations in the country when it comes to establishing driver and track safety for road courses. With the assistance of the Steel Cities Region of the SCCA we have set the standard, nationwide, for safety set-up and procedures. As a valuable member of the Vintage Motorsports Council the PVGP has consulted with numerous vintage race venues to help them establish safety regulations and procedures based on our more than 35 years of experience and expertise. See our Racers Policy.

We will continue to uphold these standards for the safety of our racers, volunteers and fans. The races at Schenley Park constitute the most challenging circuit in vintage racing. With stone walls, curbs, phone poles and 23 off camber turns – there is little room for error. New drivers will be required to attend a special meeting to review the track and its unique requirements.


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is and always will be a charity event. Thanks in great part to our racers, over $5 million has been raised since 1983. These funds directly help individuals in western Pennsylvania affected by autism and intellectual & developmental disabilities. The PVGP is truly a race where everybody wins! Read more on our Charities.


The PVGPA self-sanctions the Schenley Park races. To participate you must be a current member of a vintage racing organization in order to participate. We are grateful to the members of the Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA) who helped establish our race and have continued to supported it for three decades. Our race groups include all VRG and VSCCA cars that have competed in the past and we encourage them to continue racing with us. The VSCCA will be managing two race groups for our 2020 race in Schenley Park.

Car Preparation

Applicants must have a competition license and be a member in good standing with a race organization. Cars that qualify within our Race Groups will be scrutineered by the PVGPA based upon the vehicle preparation and safety equipment rules of their respective vintage race organizations. Visit our Eligible Car Page. There will be a few local rules, the most important restriction that applies for all racers is that slick tires are not permitted. Beginning in 2020, the VSCCA will oversee the car selection for the Pre-War and Sports Racer/Formula groups. The PVGP is excited to have the VSCCA partner with us at our signature race.

Medical Requirements

The PVGP will accept your vintage race organization’s medical credentials. It is now required that drivers have passed a physical within the last two years, or within one year if over the age of 60. If you need a form: PVGP Medical Form.

FAQ and General Info

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page



Hitting the Redline from on Vimeo.