2020 PVGP Historic Race Groups

PVGP Historics-Logo-texture-2    PIRC Pitt Race logo - 2016

The PVGP welcomes VRG as a partner with the Historics Race Weekend. We also welcome a race group from The Vintage Sports 2000 North America Club.

Vintage Small-Bore & Formula Vee

Vintage eligible small-bore production cars such as Mini Cooper, Triumph, Turner, Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget and MG TD. Open wheel Formula 3 and Formula Vee, examples include Lynx, Caldwell, Autodynamics and Zink. This will be a split start group.

Vintage Medium-Bore (1.5-2.0 Litre)

Vintage eligible medium-bore production and special cars. A wide variety of popular sports cars including BMW 2002, Datsun 510, Elva Courier, Triumph GT6, MGB, Alfa Romeo, Lotus Europa and Elan.


BMW Club Race

BMW CCA Club Racing

BMW National Club Racing hosts a premiere points event featuring BMW Spec, Stock, Modified and Prepared Classes. Fully prepared race cars built from BMW street cars. 

Vintage Large-Bore (2.0-3.0 Litre)

Vintage eligible production and special cars from 2.0 to 3.0 litres Eligible cars from 1975 and earlier (later cars must be approved). Big time excitement with Austin Healey 100, Chevy Corvair, Porsche 911 and Datsun 240Z.


Big Bore & Ground Pounders (Over 3.0 Litre)

Vintage eligible, large displacement production and special cars over 3.0 litres. Eligible cars up to 1972 (later cars must be approved). Ground pounding racing like GT40, Corvette, Camaro, Sunbeam Tiger, Jaguar and Ferrari. 

Formula Ford

All cars must have a Ford Engine per SCCA or Monoposto rules and must run on vintage Formula Ford treaded tires.  There will be a class within the overall race group for most Formula Fords manufactured between 1969 and 1999.  General classifications will be as follows, with awards and podiums for all four car classifications at each event: Historic Fords, Club Fords, Early Modern Fords (Post Club Ford) and Modern Formula Fords.


Modern Historics

Certain to be the fastest group of the weekend watch non vintage eligible production and special cars built after 1975  blaze around the track. Including entries from the V8 Road Racing Series. (Refer to SVRA Groups 10 and 12/MP for general guidance) the Dodge Viper will be our 2020 Spotlight Car – all Vipers are eligible to compete in this Group. 

Sports 2000

This fast and agile group is comprised of Sports 2000 cars which fall into one of three classes (S2 or Sports 2000, VS2 or Vintage Sports 2000, and HS2 or Historic Sports 2000) and select sports racers such as Lotus 23’s or Elva Mk. VII’s.


Vette vs Viper Race

Corvette will be the 2020 Marque of the Year and  Dodge Viper will be our 2020 Spotlight Car. All eligible Corvettes and Vipers will compete in our Modern Historics group all weekend. If we receive enough entries we will pit these two legends in a Vette vs Viper single session race on Sunday afternoon.