Car Show Overview

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix has so many different car shows that we created this overview section just to help everyone keep them straight!

Bob Speer is the Grand Prix’s Car Show Chairman. He has the immense task of coordinating all of our car shows during race week and throughout the entire year.

2019 PVGP Race Week Car Shows

Leading up to our International Car Show & Race Weekend at Schenley Park there are five different cars shows Each with its own distinct identity.

Walnut Street Invitational Car Show
Monday July 15

Waterfront Car Cruise
Tuesday July 16
Sponsored by Guardian Storage

Downtown Parade & Car Display 
Wednesday July 17

PVGP Tune-Up at Heinz Field
Wednesday July 17
Sponsored by Bank of America

Race Weekend Car Show at Schenley Park

The culmination of our Race Week Car Show occurs at Schenley Park on the July 20/21 weekend. World-wide is the best way to describe the International Car Show that transpires on the fairways of Schenley Park over race weekend. The golf course constitutes one giant car show made up of many separate shows hosted by the Grand Prix and the many car clubs.

Areas are arranged by country. Click to view page for each specific area:

Alfa Romeo Cortile Della Corsa – July 20/21 Weekend

American Car Show – July 20/21 Weekend

Asian Car Show – July 20/21 Weekend

Audi Car Show – July 20/21 Weekend

British Car Day – Saturday, July 20

BMW O’fest Car Show – July 20/21 Weekend

Cars N Coffee Exotic Car Display – July 20/21 Weekend

European Car Show – July 20/21 Weekend

Italian Cortile Car Show – July 20/21 Weekend

MINI Car Show – July 20/21 Weekend

Mercedes-Benz Car Show – July 20/21 Weekend

Mustang Marque of the Year – July 20/21 Weekend

Pittsburgh Car Scene – July 20/21 Weekend

Porsche Car Show – July 20/21 Weekend

Shelby Marque of the Year – July 20/21 Weekend

Subaru Car Show – July 20/21 Weekend

Vintage Motor Bike Show – July 20/21 Weekend

Volkswagen Car Show – July 20/21 Weekend