Car Show Committee & Car Clubs

Car clubs are the driving force behind our car shows. Each year nearly 2,500 show cars appear on the Bob O’Connor Golf Course at Schenley Park and hundreds more at our Race Week Car Shows and the vast majority of them are represented by local car clubs. There are over 40 car clubs working with us and participating in the shows.

According to Car Show Chairman Bob Speer “the clubs make it all possible. In reality, the Grand Prix owns no show cars and has only a small group of volunteers to manage the overall shows. Donations from car clubs and individual entry fees account for a significant portion of our annual charitable donation.”

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix has become the destination for national car club conventions, hosting the BMW Oktoberfest in 2018 and this year with the Shelby Convention and the Alfa Romeo Owners Club.

If you or your car club would like to get involved please email Bob Speer

Car Club Sponsors

These are clubs that go above and beyond by staging large shows and sponsoring tents at Schenley Park. Car Club Sponsors make contributions is excess of the entry fees and some even work with their national organizations to bring in thousands of dollars in extra donations for our charities.

BMW Club Logo Porsche Club of America Western Pennsylvania Triumph Association
MB Club Logo  Cars N' Coffee RROCBE


Participating Car Clubs

SWAMP Mustang
Audi Club GTO Club Solstice Club West Penn Miata Club

If your club participates in the Grand Prix and you would like your logo included above please email a color JPG of your logo and the page link to PVGP.

Allegheny Region Chapter Studebaker Drivers Club
Allegheny Rockets Oldsmobile Club
Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Club
Audi Club of Western PA
Austin-Healey Club
Basically British Car Club
Bring A Trailer
Buick Club of America
BMW Club – Allegheny Chapter
Corvettes of PA – Beaver County
Classic Car Club of America
Ferrari Club of Pittsburgh
Fresh Air Volkswagen Club
Greater Pittsburgh GTO Club
Greater Pittsburgh MG Club
Greater Pittsburgh Mustang Club
Jaguar Club of Pittsburgh
Lamborghini Club of Western PA
Lotus Limited – Western PA
Mercedes-Benz Club – Pittsburgh
Morgan Club

National Corvette Restoration Society
North Hills Historic Car Club
North Hills Sports Car Club
Pittsburgh Car Scene
Pittsburgh Camaro Enthusiasts (PACE)
Pitt Birds Thunderbird Club
Packard Club – Allegheny Region
Porsche Club – Allegheny Region
Porsche 356 Registry
Professional Car Society
Rolls-Royce Owners Club – Allegheny Region
Southwestern Area Mustangs of Pgh (SWAMP)
Steel City Datsun/Nissan “Z” Club
Ton Up Pittsburgh
Three Rivers Alfa Romeo Owners Club (ALFISTI)
Three River Ford Model A Club
Vintage Triumph Register
West Penn Miata Club
Western PA Corvair Club
Western PA Solstice Club
Western PA Triumph Club

PVGP Car Show Committee

The Grand Prix’s car show success and growth is due to the remarkable support from our car clubs and the hard work of our Car Show Committee. Naturally, many of our car show staff and volunteers are members of local car clubs. Bob Speer, our Car Show Chairman, is happy to talk to anyone interested in becoming part of our event.

Bob Speer – Car Show Chairman
Jerry Longstreth – Spotlight & Downtown Car Display & Thunderbird Club
Christopher Mannozzi – Downtown Car Display
Greg Farrell – Walnut Street Car Show
Joe Baird – Walnut Street Car Show
Don Privett – Waterfront Cruise
Mary Ann Speer – Int’l Car Show
Ron George – American Car Show
Mark Morrow – American Car Show
Mark Sheldon – European Car Show
Paul Miller – Car Show Registration
Ray Dichter – American Car Show
Roger Nehrer – Classic Cars
Bernie Martin – Italian Cortile
Jim Neville – Italian Cortile and Alfa Romeo Club
Brent Bubash – All Squad
Ed Kaczkowski – Audi Club
Andy Schor– Audi Club & Cortile
Bud Osbourne – Greater Pittsburgh MG Club and Countryside Tour
John Malobicky – Allegheny Region Porsche Club
Ed Rice – Allegheny Region Porsche Club
Cory Anderson – Volkswagen Car Show & Fresh Air VW Club
Don Johnson – Jaguar Club
Cliff Laschon – Cars N Coffee
Dexter Stoltz – Western PA Triumph Club
Jeff Taylor –  BMW Club
Chris Williams – BMW Club
Albert Heiles – Three Rivers VW Club
Timothy Gilkey – Asian Car Show and Nissan/Datsun Z Club
Patrick Martin – Pittsburgh Ton-Up Club (motorbikes)
Samuel Mercedes – Pittsburgh Car Scene