Car Clubs, Racers & Partners Raising Funds for PVGP Charities!

Updated 10/20/20 – With the cancelation of our July Race Week events due to the pandemic, the PVGP encouraged everyone to get out on the road in the safety of their own cars to help raise funds for our charities. We are excited to announce that they have done just that – raising $57,010 so far!

We applaud our racers, volunteers, car club partners and participants who are making incredible efforts to raise funds for our charities this year. From staging events to donating their 2020 registration fees, the response has been overwhelming.

“With no Race Week events to raise funds for our charities every dollar donated is important. It’s also vital to carry out our organizational mission of charity. I’m so proud of everyone for organizing and participating in these wonderful events”, said Dan DelBianco, PVGP executive director.

Our racers got the program off the starting line in first gear when 16 racers who had already paid their 2020 race entry fees generously donated them to the PVGP for our charities in May. They crossed the finish line with a whopping $10,450 donation! Stu Long and the team at Nelson Ledges staged a Test & Tune to benefit the PVGP and raised $1,150 more!

The Allegheny Region Porsche Club has raised $6,4155 with Parade Laps in Schenley Park on our normally scheduled Race Day on Sunday, July 26, and several driving tours. Many thanks to Ed Rice for taking the initiative and creating an event that captured the true spirit of the PVGP.

While the PVGP Walnut Street Car Show was officially canceled, Captain Greg Farrell had the great idea to turn it into a fundraiser. A dozen cars showed up that night to park on Walnut Street and meet up informally and more than 30 people sent in donations that raised $5,800 for our charities!
The Pittsburgh area Mercedes-Benz Club asked its members for donations, then matched the first $1,000, resulting in $2,555. Then they ran a road tour to Moraine State Park last week, adding another $600 bringing their total to $3,155.
The Rolls Royce & Bentley Club was involved in three separate events! Greg Farrell hosted a Party at his home in June that raised $1,400. Then Bentley Pittsburgh hosted a Car Show in September with many Rolls Royces that raised $7,950 with an auction of Handmade Glass Art by Terri Hohmann that added $3,530. Then, Rolls Royce Club President Chris Davis’ neighbors held weekly fundraisers this summer with their “Little Miss Cookie Squad” that baked and sold cookies to raise $1,200 That’s a grand total of $14,080!
Jason Uhler and the Greater Pittsburgh Mustang Club participated in our Orange Belt Tour in July, raising $2,137 while the Marque of the Year Corvettes, led by Jim Kinest, raised $1,448 by donation 2020 registrations and staging a Corvette Club Caravan Challenge back in May.
The Pitt Birds Thunderbird Club held several fundraising events and has donated $1,590, which is remarkable considering the size of the club, many thanks to Jerry & Barb Longstreth for leading that effort.
Karen Hanchett and Patrick Martin staged two Countryside Tours for Motorbikes down to Jamison Farm in Latrobe and raised $1,200. Many thanks to Bud Osbourne and the WPTA for their work on these tours and the PVGP Countryside Tour that raised $2,030 in July.
The ALFISTI Alfa Romeo Club held an “Over the River Tour” in early July and pledged $1,000. The West Penn Miata Club held their own Kick-Off style Rallye that raised $800.The 3 Rivers Region Model A Restorers Club held an August 29 Red Belt Tour that brought in $465 thanks to Jack & Cathy Dernorsek. The Greater Pittsburgh MG Club donated $1,000 from its membership.
All of these clubs and organizations have gone above and beyond to help our charity partners this year!

2020 PVGP Driving Event Calendar 
Club/Event Date Details Donation
Racer Donations from 2020 Entry Fees July $10,450
General Donations thru PVGP website Ongoing link $1,815
Donations in Honor of PVGP Volunteer Les Walter Ongoing $450
PVGP Facebook Fundraiser by Matt Little Ongoing link $915
Mercedes-Benz Club – Matching Funds Ongoing link $2,555
Corvette Club Caravan Challenge & MOY Donations Saturday, May 30 link $1,448
Rolls Royce Club Party Saturday, June 27 link $1,400
Pitt Birds Thunderbird Club Donations Saturday, July 5 link $1,590
ALFISTI Alfa Romeo Club – Over the River Tour Saturday, July 11 link $1,000
Walnut Street Car Show Donations Monday, July 20 link $5,800
Countryside Tour to Jamison Farm Thursday, July 23 link $2,030
Greater Pittsburgh Mustang Club Orange Belt Tour July 25/26 Weekend link $2,137
Motorbike Countryside Tour – Matched by Dollar Bank Saturday, July 25 link $890
West Penn Miata Club Rallye Saturday, July 25 link $800
Porsche Club Raceday Parade Laps and Driving Tours Sunday, July 26 link $6,100
Test & Tune at Nelson Ledges Tuesday, August 11 link $1,150
BMW Club Tours and Events Ongoing $1,025
3 Rivers Region Model A Restorers Club Saturday, August 29 link $465
Bentley Pittsburgh Car Show Saturday, September 19 link $7,950
Terri Hohmann Glass Art Auction at Bentley Car Show Saturday, September 19 link $3,530
Vintage Motorbike Backroads Fall Tour Saturday, September 19 link $310
Little Miss Cookie Squad Fundraiser July/August $1,200
Mercedes-Benz Club  –  Moraine State Park Drive for Charity Saturday, October 3 link $1,000
WPTA “Caution, Curves Ahead” Driving Tour & Poker Run Saturday, October 24 link
Greater Pittsburgh MG Club Ongoing $1,000
Total to Date $57,010

If your club is interested in hosting an event this year to benefit our charities please let us know and we can assist with Driving Tour routes, promotions, and volunteers. Email the PVGP.

Please help support the PVGP charities: the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and Merakey Allegheny Valley School. The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association is a 501 c 3 non-profit charity with the purpose of staging a world-class event in order to raise funds for individuals in the Pittsburgh region with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities. To date, the PVGP has donated $5.8 million to these wonderful local charities. Your generous donations keep our event running at top speed and help our cause. Donate today!


Most PVGP fans are familiar with the Latin term “Carpe Diem” meaning “Seize the Day”. Here at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, we are glad to be a part of Dwight Knowlton’s  Carpe Viam! Seize the Road theme. Dwight is the artist who created the PVGP poster in 2015 and again this year for the Corvette Marque.

According to Dwight, “the two words “Carpe Viam!” say a lot. Literally, Carpe Viam means “seize the road”. So for a car fan, it means “enjoy the exhaust note as you grip the wheel and blast through a curve.” The theme is important for the viable future of vintage cars and vintage racing.

As we all work our way through this pandemic, one of the safest auto-related activities we can do is to get into our cars and seize the road – take a tour through the countryside with a small group of like-minded individuals.

According to Dan DelBianco, PVGP Executive Director, “we share Dwight’s enthusiasm for driving cars of all ages – and during this pandemic, we believe that Carpe Viam is the proper theme to enjoy your car and still be a part of the larger PVGP community.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]