Candy’s Rides

Charity Rides at Pitt-Race Weekend

Candy’s Rides are held Saturday and Sunday at lunch break during our Historic Races at Pitt-Race. Our very generous drivers volunteer to take spectators for track rides for donations that go to the PVGP charities. These laps are the full 2.8-mile circuit. $25 per lap or $60 for a ride in a GT40 or Shelby Cobra.

Candy’s Rides were started back in 2006 by Ralph Steinberg and his wife Candy (Stephani) Steinberg.  They were trying to find a fun way to raise more money for our charities.  Ralph told her about some charity rides done at the Jefferson 500 where just a few were sold for big bucks. Candy liked the idea but wanted so everyone could afford it. She talked to Tivvy Shenton and others at the Vintage Racers Group and the BMW club.

It was an instant success and has grown over the years to the point that drivers would tell her that doing the charity laps was the high point of their racing year. Some spectators come just for a ride in a neat car and to meet the drivers.

Sadly, Candy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away on December 1, 2011.  The rides became what Candy loved – people laughing and living and helping to raise funds for the neediest. Candy’s Rides will forever be a tribute to the smiling lady who was taken from us too soon.

Come on out to the July 17/18 PVGP Historics weekend in 2021 and get a thrilling ride experience in a racecar…and you can thank Candy for starting it all.