Alfa Romeo – 2019 Spotlight

The 2019 Alfa Romeo Owner’s Club (AROC) national convention is coming to Pittsburgh during the Grand Prix. It will be hosted by Three Rivers Alfisti, the local chapter of AROC. The theme is “Cortile della Corsa” which translates to Courtyard of Racing” and marks the first time the national convention will honor Alfa’s racing heritage.

The Pittsburgh Chapter of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club is hosting the 2019 Convention named Cortile della Corsa or the Courtyard of Racing.

The “Courtyard of Racing” in Pittsburgh is perhaps the most centralized of any previous convention; It’s located within 500 miles of 2/3 of the population of the North America and within 20 AROC Chapters.

The poster was created by motorsport artist Kelly Telfer – read more about Kelly here.

It all starts on Wednesday, July 17 with an afternoon parade and car show at Point State Park and the Tune-Up at Heinz Field that night and continuing with a track day at PIRC on Thursday and a concert that night. On Friday there is a Rallye, a tour, a picnic and dinner. The July 20/21 weekend events move to the PVGP’s Italian Cortile at Schenley Park. as an estimated 400 from all over North America display their Alfa’s on the golf course and watch vintage Alfas race through the streets of the city park. There are displays, car shows, a concours, banquets, even a wine tasting. Something for every Alfa Romeo fan.

The 37th Annual Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is the nation’s largest vintage street race. The 10-day event includes car shows, parades, a blacktie gala, a Jet Center Party and a Tune-Up event at Heinz Field.

Visit the Three Rivers Alfisti site for more details and registration
Contact: Jim Neville and Bernie Martin

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Visit the Cortile della Corsa page for registration and details


Pre- Convention Activities

July 12-14 Weekend:  Alfa Romeo PVGP Historic Racing​

8am- 5pm $25 weekend pass or $15/day

  • Alfa Romeo Paddock
  • Alfa Romeo’s race within historic race groups
  • AROC Club Lunch Saturday and Sunday – air conditioned, overlooking the track $25/person

Monday, July 15: Self Guided/ Pre Convention Tours

Daytime: Self Guided Tours: River boats
Daytime: Pre Convention Tour: Kentuck Knob, Falling Water, Flight 93 National Memorial, Summit Inn, Fort Necessity
Evening: Alfa Romeo’s invitational Car Show on Walnut Street: Max 10 cars. Dinner on your own. or we could make reservations at a facility: John Swanson

Alfa Romeo Convention Activities

Tuesday, July 16: Board Meeting

8am- Noon – Self Guided Tours in Pittsburgh (there’s a long list in the video)
1pm – 4pm: AROC Board Meeting
6pm – 9pm: Optional Car Show special area for Alfa Romeo at The Waterfront Car Show; No Limit on number of cars:  $5

Wednesday, July 17: Parade, PVGP Downtown Car Show/ Tune-Up Party

8am – 10am:  AROC leads PVGP parade in Downtown Pittsburgh
10am – 2pm: Alfa Romeo Display at Point State Park; limited to 40 Alfa’s:  $200 for reservation for point state park $20/per car
Noon – 1:30 pm: Just Ducky Tours – limited to 60 people $35/person. Each boat holds 30 people.
6pm – 9pm: PVGP Tune Up Party: Limited to 40 Alfa’s $125/car/2 people or  $50/person without a car.


Thursday, July 18: Autocross/Track Day & Time Trials at PIRC 9am – 4pm

  • Autocross: $1500 total: Min 32 Drivers @ $40 each (Insurance covered by AROC otherwise +$250)
  • Karting: Self Guided.  We have a special “Virtual Race” set up for club member. You can run at any time and on Saturday at the banquet we will announce the best times. Estimated cost $5/person for virtual racing competition.
  • Track: Estimated Cost: ~$9,900 (Instructor cost not included for first time drivers @$200 per instructor). Transponders extra.  Track time *only if we get 50 cars to commit @ $270/car

6:30 pm – 11:00 pm: Doublewide Grill in Cranberry with Three Car Garage band
6:30 – 11:00 pm: Passport to Elegance featuring unique Alfa Romeo’s $375/person

Friday, July 19: Rally/ Dinner at the Pittsburgh Golf Club

9am – 4pm: Alfa Romeo Gimmick Rally ~ $30/car…. max 90 cars… Min 60 for budget
10am – 4pm: Guided Tour; TBD via ButlerCounty Toursism
NOON: Bar-B Que Picnic Lunch at Morraine State Park
​6pm – 9pm Alfa Romeo Dinner at the Pittsburgh Golf Club ~ $45/person; Jazz/Blues; Race Cars Preview

  • 6-9: Cocktails
  • 7- 7:15: Awards: Autocross Awards; Rally Awards
  • Alfa Romeo Racer teams joins us for dinner
  • 7:15 – 8:30pm strolling dinner

Saturday, July 20: Racing, Cortile Judging at Schenley Park

Cortile Weekend: $150 admission/2 people/weekend pass
9am – 5pm: Alfa Romeo Shine & Show

  • Peoples Choice Award
  • Judged Groups/ Classes

9am – 5pm: “Certificato d’Oro” (in special Parking area)
9am – 5pm: Alfa Racer Display
1pm – 5pm; Cortile Cup Winner Move to Winners Circle
9am – 5pm; Vintage Alfa Romeo Racing through the streets
7pm – 11pm; Alfa Romeo Banquet

Sunday, July 21 Concours/ Wine on 9 and Vintage Racing

Cortile Weekend Continues
9am – 5pm: Alfa Racer Display
9am – 5pm Alfa Romeo Display/Parking
9am- 5pm Alfa Romeo Concours “Certificato d’Oro” (in special Parking area)
9am – 11am; AROC Paddock Tour
10am – 5pm – “Certificato d’Oro” Winners move to Winner Cortile Circle
11:30 – 1:30: Wine on 9 (wine tasting track side)
​1pm – 5pm PVGP Feature Races & Alfa Romeo Race Group Races
* For any people who ONLY wish to participate on Sunday to park their car the fee is $65 to park on the show field.
**Lunch Badges @$35/each can be purchased individually
*** Public Parking (non Alfa Romeo) is $15/day or free street parking if available