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Donation Stations by Vital Solutions

Vital Solutions International, LLCWhile the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix at Schenley Park is free to the public we strongly encourage you to make a donation. These donations are steered directly to our charities; the Autism Scoiety of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Valley School. These are two worthy local charities that benefit greatly from your generosity. Vital Solutions sponsors the donation stations that are located at the walking entrances into our event. Reid Smith of Vital Solutions not only sponsors the event he is the volunteer in charge of the entire process – many thanks to Reid Smith and Ed Haney of Vital Solutions.


So please help our charities get to the finish line, when you pass a donation station be sure to drop a few dollars into the gas can so that we can continue this grand event.

Reid Smith from Vital Solutions at 2013 #PVGP by Simply Sisters   4