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Kick-Off Rallye

Sunday July 1, 2018

John Gloninger 1963 Triumph TR-4 - Kick-Off Rallye - Matthew Little #PVGP Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

You don’t have to be a racer or have experience in a Rallye competition to help us kick off the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Any car enthusiast can register to participate in a fun, but competitive, mystery course that will test your driving, navigational and trivia skills through the Pittsburgh countryside. Following the Rallye, enjoy an after party at the South Park museum consisting of a privately catered meal, cold beer, soft drinks and awards. All for fun and the support of our charities!

The competition starts in Schenley Park with a drivers meeting at 11:00 am and consists of a combined Monte Carlo/Gimmick format. Cars leave the starting line every 60 seconds beginning at 11:30 am and finish the Rallye about 2-3 hours later at the South Park Fairgrounds finish line. No experience is necessary to participate in this fun day designed to help to raise funds for our charities. Our Rallye Master Bruce Gezon and his team will reveal the exact course during the driver’s meeting.

Rallye Moving to South Park

For 2018 we are moving the Rallye to South Park. This opens up an entirely new network of winding country roads for Bruce Gezon and his team to explore and plan routes. The starting point is at Flagstaff Hill in Schenley Park and the finish line will be at the South Park Fairgrounds and the after-party will be at the South Park Museum. The after-party will be privately catered meal including cold beer and soft drinks!




For details email Paul MacIntyre or phone him at 412 673-0998 (home).


The entry fee for a team of two is discounted to $60.00 until May 1 and includes entry and meals for two people.  After May 1 the cost increases to $75.00. Meals for any additional participants can be purchased for only $15 each. Click on the Showclix link below to register online or download a 2018 Kick-Off Rallye Form and pay by check.

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If you use Facebook, be sure and click the “JOIN” link to let us know you’re coming too!  Don’t forget to check in on Foursquare and share your pictures when you finish the Rallye.

Past Results

2017 PVGP Results – PDF

  1. Marco Morello and Tom Drnevich – 103 points
  2. Christopher Gezon and Mike Landsberg – 104 points
  3. Matthew Casebeer and Chris McGuigan – 105 points

2016 PVGP Results – PDF

  1. Joe Shaginaw and Robert Iseman – 78 points
  2. John Laslo and Dwayne Fieldler – 82 points
  3. Mike Vallo and Alex Vallo – 128 points

2015 PVGP Result- PDF

  1. Joseph and Karen Teplitz – 80 points (won tie breaker)
  2. John Laslo and Dwayne Fieldler – 80 points
  3. Robert Iseman and Joe Shaginaw – 80 points

2014 PVGP Results – PDF

  1. Amber Back and Andrew Shafer- 52 points
  2. Greg Joseph and John Williams- 56 points
  3. Seth Hoffman and Katie Donaldson – 76 points

2013 PVGP Results – PDF

  1. Cameron Baker and Stephen Gagne – 60 points
  2. Lisa Bliss and Jill Pozzuto – 87 points
  3. Greg Joseph and John Williams – 98 points

2012 Results – Excel

  1. Amber Back & Andrew Shafer
  2. Leo & Janette Basile
  3. Paul & Laura Gonnella

Celebrity Challenge


Celebrity Participants:

Ted Sohier – WQED
Greg Joseph – The Clarks
John “JW” Williams – The Clarks
Whipping Boy – 105.9 The X (WXDX)
Hersch – Host of – see story

PVGP Rallye History


Truly unique to our Rallye is that it’s open to the public – the first 90 driver/navigator teams to sign up get to run in a timed race through the streets and neighborhoods of Pittsburgh and its suburbs. Come have fun, get lost or maybe even join the parade!

Rallyes, popular in Europe, are relatively little-known in American motorsports – that’s where we got the extra “e” on the end! A rallye master sets the course, which is designed to be completed at the posted speed limits. Then, a set of directions is drawn up for the participants. These directions can be simple or incredibly difficult clues. The key is to pass through all checkpoints on time – being late or early will penalize the driver a certain number of points. So, even of you speed, you still can lose. In true Grand Prix style, the finish line will hold a party and awards ceremony for the participants.