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Media Credentials

Photographer Hot Pass

To obtain Media Credentials for any Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix event please complete the form by clicking on the button below at least three weeks before the event. Qualified media will be notified and mailed parking/gate passes and details prior to the event.

Media Credential Form


Media Tent at Schenley Park – July 14/15, 2018

Media MapLocation: Along Schenley Drive across the street from the clubhouse at the entrance to Vendor Village. Qualified media will be notified and mailed a VIP Parking Pass that provides free parking on Flagstaff Hill (clubhouse parking is limited and only available for TV trucks). A free shuttle bus will take you for the 5 minute ride up to the Golf Course. Please disembark at the “Main Entrance” stop at the top of the hill.

Hours: 7:00 AM until 4:00 PM Saturday and Sunday

Sign In & Hospitality: Once you arrive and sign in you will be given a press kit, press credential lanyard and our staff will direct you to areas of the event that will interest you. The media tent will be fully staffed with on-site media contacts to answer questions and guide and transport you and your equipment to where you need to be.

Credentialed media-only complimentary amenities:

  • Electronic Press Kit
  • Private area with tables and chairs
  • Phone charging station
  • Electrical power for laptop
  • Refreshments and boxed lunch
  • Access to hot passes*

With the assistance of Visit Pittsburgh and some new and media experienced volunteers, the Grand Prix will have a fully staffed Media Tent for your convenience.

PVGP Historics at Pitt-Race- July 6-8, 2018

Location: Ground level office of Conference Center at Pittsburgh International Race Complex, 201 Penndale Road, Wampum PA 16157 724 535-1000

Hours: 7:00 AM until 2:00 PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Contact: Bill Haus to answer questions on his cell at (412) 951-6365‬.

Sign In & Hospitality: Qualified media will be mailed gate passes. Once you enter the track park in public parking lot walk up hill to register at the first floor in the Conference Center by the track.

Credentialed media-only complimentary amenities:

  • Electronic Press Kit
  • Private area with tables and chairs
  • Phone charging station
  • Electrical power for laptop
  • Refreshments
  • Access to hot passes* 

Hot Pass Guidelines

The Hot Zone is the area inside the snow fence that keeps the public a safe distance from the live racing.  Media must have prior experience working at racetracks or as being a corner worker to qualify for a Hot Pass. To be approved you must present your credentials at the Media Tent and sign our waiver/release.  You will also be required to sign our agreement – please review the Media Guideline PDF before the event to save time. Hot passes cannot be issued in advance of the event.

If you wish to receive media credentials to work inside the snow fence, along the race track you must follow our established rules:

  • Corner workers are both safety crew & police – follow their instructions explicitly
  • Respect sight lines of corner workers, make sure that they can see you at all times.
  • Never cross track or move to another station without specific allowance of the workers
  • There are various other volunteers, ambulance, firemen and tow truck personnel – be aware of them and ask if you are in the way, be ready to move. They are there to work. They save lives.
  • Appropriate clothing: wear no bright red, black or yellow clothing. These colors are the same as our flags an have meaning to the drivers – they are all caution or STOP colors to the drivers – white or tan clothing are best.
  • Absolutely no sandals or high heels or open toe shoes. Long pants are correct and a long sleeve shirt is nice to have.
  • Do not use a FLASH – the drivers need to see the workers & flags and do not need any distractions.
  • Other than your equipment – Water, sun block, a light foldable raincoat and bug spray may come in handy. Gum, granola bars, trail mix or other light snacks might be nice to have. No Alcoholic beverages until the day is over.
  • Have fun but remember it is a privilege for all of us to be close where we can document the action – consider others and BE SAFE.