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Jaguar 2016 MOYThe Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is honoring Jaguar as our 2016 Marque of the Year. Jaguars will be featured throughout all ten days of our event from the cars shows to the races.   If you own a new or vintage Jaguar or are just a fan of the legendary car, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix this is the place to be this coming summer!

Our 2016 Race Week is scheduled for July 8 through 17 with July 16/17 slated as the featured Race Weekend at Schenley Park. This will be your homepage to track all Jaguar Marque activities.

2016 PosterThe iconic E-Type Jaguar is featured on our 2016 poster. The artwork was created by the very talented Canadian Tavis Coburn. Tavis’ work is inspired by 40’s comic book art along with the Russian avante-garde movement and emulates print materials from the 50’s and 60’s. He has created countless works for leading publishing, advertising and music companies in North America and Europe. You may recognize him form the incredible E-Type Jaguar art he created for “E-Type 50 – Fifty Years of a Design Icon”.

The Jaguar on the poster is the actual 1961 E-Type belonging to Alan Patterson. Alan was a founder of the Grand Prix and our first race director when it all began in 1983. The first meetings of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association where held in his garage! The second car is a 1955 Jaguar XK140 Fixed head Coupe raced by Tivvy Shenton. Tivvy is a skilled driver known throughout the vintage circles as a great mechanic and a caring soul. He comes up from Blanch, NC each year to inspect the race cars and help with event on both weekends. According to Dan DelBianco “we couldn’t think of two more deserving drivers to be featured on the poster. I was concerned that both cars were white and that Tavis would probably want to color one of them to help inject more color into the poster. Instead he used the neutral valuations of the car to allow him to accentuate the blue sky and create bright yellow backdrop – it all works perfectly.”


jaguar-logo A&L_Logo_blkBobby Rahal Automotive Group Welsh

Register now for all the Race Week events using the linked button below. Please contact Jerry Longstreth, PVGP Marque Captain if you have any questions.


2016 Grand Prix Race Week Schedule for Jaguar

Candice Jaguar Hero

Here is a listing of all of our events with details on where Jaguars will take center stage:

Blacktie & Tailpipes Gala – Friday, July 8 This grand affair will celebrate in formal black tie style at Allegheny Country Club. A special display area for Jaguars will be reserved in front of the club for any attendee bringing a Jaguar that night. Tickets are $250 each and sell out quickly.

PVGP Historics at Pitt Race – July 8-10 Come on out to watch our historic races at the newly expanded track at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Jaguars are sure to be racing with us. You can park with other Jaguars on Spectator Hill VIP Parking.

Invitational Car Show on Walnut Street – Monday, July 11 This invitation only show will feature 10 significant Jaguars from the Jaguar Club of Pittsburgh. Sorry – the reserved spots for Jaguars are all filled.

Waterfront Car Cruise – Tuesday July 12 Join 700 other car owners for a cruise at the Waterfront Mall in Homestead. A special area is reserved for all Jaguars.

Downtown Race Car Parade & Display – Wednesday July 13 There are opportunities for old and new Jaguars to participate in the 100+ car parade and plaza display.

Grand Prix Tune-Up at Atria’s  – Wednesday July 13 Plan to attend this exclusive event downtown at Atria’s at PNC Park. – Jaguars of all years will be parked on the Roberto Clemente Bridge and rare Jaguars will be in the corral in front of Atria’s on Federal Street. You can get 2 tickets into event and park your Jaguar on the bridge for only $100.

Countryside Tour – Thursday July 14 Travel through the back roads of Western PA for an unforgettable journey. Jaguars manufactured before 1984 are encouraged to compete.

Forbes Avenue of Speed – Friday July 15 This is a great show to watch. The parade and display is exclusive for race cars only so you won’t be able to put your Jaguar into the parade or show – but please plan to come on up and enjoy the show.

Schenley Park Race Weekend – July 16/17 The main event on Saturday and Sunday features a special display area for Jaguars as part of the 2,000 car International Car Show. Throughout the weekend watch vintage races on the nearby city streets. The Jaguar Club Concours is held on Saturday only, please contact  please Bryan Williams for details and registration on the concours.

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a mission to hold a world-class vintage automotive event for charity. It is the region’s premier summer event for hundreds of thousands of automotive enthusiasts in that it combines charitable fundraising with car shows and vintage sports car racing on city streets. Since 1983 this volunteer-driven event has raised over $4 million for the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Valley School.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.46.27 AM
Jaguar is one of the world’s most prestigious car brands. Jaguar is as dynamic as its name and logo suggest –  the closest thing you can create to something that is alive!


PVGP’s 2016 Marque of the Year, Jaguar, has long been known for the manufacturing of sleek, fast sports cars and prestigious, elegant automobiles.

jaguar-logoInterestingly, as one of the most famous British manufacturers whose luxury cars traditionally are among the favorite choices of Britain’s Royal Family, Jaguar had a rather humble beginning.  In 1922, 21-year-old William Lyons and his neighbor, William Walmsley, co-founded the Swallow Sidecar Company in Blackpool, England to manufacture and sell motorcycle sidecars.  Later, the fledgling company would purchase car engines and frames and start producing stylish bodies on popular chassis. The company soon grew too large for its facilities in Blackpool and moved to Coventry.

The name Jaguar was adopted in 1935 and two years later, the company produced its first true sports car, the SS100.  This convertible two-seater was capable of achieving an unprecedented speed of 100 miles an hour.  After World War II, Jaguar produced a new engine, the XK twin overhead cam, and used it for its next sports car, the XK 120, which debuted in 1948 and was widely acclaimed for its styling and performance. The XK 120 was followed by the XK 140 and XK 150.

William Lyons knew that success in racing would translate into sales.  So, in 1951, two modified XK120s with more aerodynamic bodies, the XK120C, known as the C-Type, were entered into the Le Mans 24-hours long-distance endurance race.  A C-Type won the race and followed it up with another win in 1953.  A purpose-built race car was produced for the 1955 Le Mans, the D-Type, which won the 1955, 1956 and 1957 races.  After the 1957 season, Jaguar suspended its racing program.  However, Jaguar did return to racing in the mid 1980s and won Le Mans in 1988 and 1990. Jaguar Cars created the F-Type Project 7 in limited release in 2014 to honor the seven Le Mans victories obtained by Jaguar between 1951 and 1990.

“Most Beautiful Car Made”

In March of 1961, Jaguar introduced what many people believe to be the most iconic sports car ever, the E-Type, which was also known as the XK-E in the North American market. When the E-Type was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, race car driver and entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari, who founded rival Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari – called the E-Type the “most beautiful car ever made.”  This car was produced with a straight 6 cylinder and later in a V-12 until the 1974 model year.

Jaguar produced many luxury sedans, including the Mark 2, a personal sedan and the Mark 10, a top-of-the-range full-sized saloon.  In 1968, Jaguar introduced the XJ6, and in 1971, the XJ12, both top-of-the-line flagship Jaguar sedans.  These cars, in various series, continued until 1987 for the XJ6 and 1992 for the XJ12.

Jaguar dropped the XJ-S and launched the XK8 – reminiscent of the iconic E-Type – in the 1990s. A supercharged version of the XK8 followed and was known as the XKR. The all-aluminum XK and XKR replaced both models.

In 2011, Jaguar celebrated the 50th anniversary of the E-Type with much fanfare at a host of worldwide special anniversary motoring events, including the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and the Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire, England, where more than 1000 Jaguar E-Types assembled to celebrate the half-century milestone of one of the world’s most famous automobiles.

“It is impossible to overstate the impact the E-Type had when it was unveiled in 1961,” said Ian Callum, Jaguar Design Director. “Here was a car that encapsulated the spirit of the revolutionary era it came to symbolize. The E-Type is a design that even today continues to inform the work we do in styling the Jaguars of the future.”

Jaguars have been in the spotlight in major Hollywood movies, from the Jaguar Mk. VIII in the 1957 Alfred Hitchcock thriller, “Vertigo”; to the 1961 E-Type driven by Austin Powers in “International Man of Mystery” (1997) and James Bond’s ultra-cool 2002 XKR in “Die Another Day” (2002), and many others.

Jaguar Cars Today 

Today, Jaguar has an excellent lineup of fine motor cars.  The new 2016 XE is the entry- level four door sedan; the XF, the personal size luxury sedan; the XJ, Jaguar’s flagship model;, and the new F-Pace, Jaguar’s 2016 luxury performance SUV.

The F-TYPE, the popular two-seater luxury sports car with Jaguar’s new 3.0-litre V6 supercharged engine, advanced aerodynamics and incredible styling, has served as the pace car for the PVGP since 2013 and will be leading the pack again this year.

Jaguar Club of Pittsburgh at the PVGP

Members of the Jaguar Club of Pittsburgh (JCOP) and their Jaguars will be participating in all of the featured PVGP events as 2016 Marque of the Year, including an international Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) sanctioned judged competition, the Pittsburgh Concours d’Elegance, to be held on Saturday, July 16. The JCOP is proud to once again support the worthy charities of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.


The Pittsburgh affiliate club was established in 1971 when eight Jaguar owners responded to an ad placed in a local newspaper by a small group of friends looking for other Jaguar owners and enthusiasts to meet and talk about their cars.  The club has grown to its current membership of approximately 100 members.


Jaguar Clubs of North America has more than 5,000 members throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.  JCOP hosts activities throughout the year, including car shows, driving events, technical sessions, dinner meetings and holiday parties.  Please visit the club’s website, www.jaguarclubofpittsburgh.com, for a current copy of the club’s newsletter, a calendar of events and a membership application.

As you look at the Jaguars in the Marque of the Year area, please don’t hesitate to ask the owners questions about their cars.  As many proud car owners of other Marques, they will be happy to answer questions and offer information about their models. Pittsburgh area Jaguar dealers, A&L Motor Sales and Bobby Rahal, as well as the Jaguar Club of Pittsburgh, hope you have a very enjoyable time at this year’s Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

Jaguar News:
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The Marques of Italy were recognized at the PVGP last year. They put on a tremendous show and helped us raise $400,000 – a new record!