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Hard Rock Cafe – Cars & Guitars

Thursday July 16, 2015

Hard Rock Gathering Field by Matthew Little #PVGP


A Concert to Benefit the Grand Prix Charities at the Hard Rock Cafe in Station Square. Featuring The Hawkeyes and Andre’ Costello and the Cool Minors. Doors open at 7:00 PM and performances run from 8:30 – 11:30 PM. Join us for night of cars and guitars.

This year’s event will combine the sounds of The Hawkeyes and Andre’ Costello and the Cool Minors. These are two of the more popular bands playing the Pittsburgh music circuit and can be heard up and down the radio dial. Both bands have been featured on WYEP, WDVE, and WXDX

Andre’ Costello and the Cool Minors. Andre’ Costello and the Cool Minors

Andre’ Costello and the Cool Minors are an Indie Folk band, that borders on Rock. Andre’ is a story teller style of song writer that paints a picture in your mind like the famed folk artists of the 60’s.


The Hawkeyes

The Hawkeyes are a mainstream rock/alt-country band. Their ragged style of rock recalls the crunchy guitars and drunken harmonies of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, the roots experimentation of Sticky Fingers and Exile-era Rolling Stones, and the just-right mix of irony and sincerity of current country/southern rock revivalists like The Drive-By Truckers and Lucero.

GG ButtonTickets are now available $20 per person, A limited amount of reserved tables of 6 are available for only $150 which includes 6 tickets.



Wrap Up

The Gathering Field reunited just in time to make an appearance for the Grand Prix in 2014. It was a rousing evening enjoyed by 200 fans. Maddie Georgi opened the show

The 2013 line up included Nick Marzock and Nina Sainato (Nick and Nina), Brandon Blake and Evan Dean (Blake and Dean), Ed Kowalski and Bobby Kellar (Friends of Elvis), and Kevin McDonald, Jean-Marc Azoury, and Freddie Nelson (Tres Lads). In a true sense of charity, the bands intertwined their talents and played a continuous set of music the entire evening.

hard-rock-cafe-logo        WXDX
A special thank you goes out to the bands and their crews, Roy Martin-Smith of the Hard Rock Cafe and Russ “The Whipping Boy” Rose from the X for serving as our emcee.

Pittsburghmusic1Paul MacIntyre has been instrumental in creating this new event. One the night the idea was first discussed in 2013 Paul contacted Kevin McDonald of Tres Lads and asked if he would be interested in helping to form a charity concert with a budget of zero. Kevin agreed to help and within 24 hours he had 100% commitments from four popular Pittsburgh acts. Paul did the same in 2014 and this year too! Learn more about the local Pittsburgh Music scene from the Grand Prix’s own Paul MacIntyre’s blog or visit his facebook page.