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Flashlight Drags at PIRC

Saturday July 11, 2015 6:15 – 8:00 PM

The Flashlight Drags joined up with the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Why not…it’s all racing: old cars, new cars, tracks, or streets. Over the last four years they have raised a lot of smoke and over $3,000 for our charities!

This event is held at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex (also known as PIRC or Pitt Race). The PVGP is holding Historic Races all day so you can come out early and watch American and European cars from the 60’s and 70’s race on the track.

Mike Schindel

Mike Schindel

The racing gets under way 15 minutes after our historic and vintage racing is complete on Saturday, which is usually around 5:00 PM. We’ll convert the track’s front straightaway into a 1/8 mile drag race complete with a flashlight start and electronic scoring.Thanks to Mike Schindel and his crew for their generous offer to help out the PVGP charities and to provide some exciting entertainment for our racers and volunteers during their Saturday night dinner at the track.

Everybody’s favorite DJ “Hersch” will be on the PA system entertaining us all night He will recognize four cars: Hersch’s Pick, Big Dog, Top Street and Top Tuner afterward.


Ryan and Dan Taylor shared the trophy for Hersch’s Pick at the PVGP in 2011 with their 2003 Mach 1 Mustang.

All proceeds from the Flashlights will go to the PVGP charities to help individuals with autism and mental retardation served by the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Valley School.

What are Flashlight Drags?

The Flashlight Drags feature a Car Show, Car Cruise, vendors’ midway, music, food, and fun for the entire family. The races start with a flashlight signal, just like early days of rebel drag racing that many know only from old movies. Cars and trucks drag down the 1/8 mile airport runway. The crowd goes wild!

The event evolved from a simple idea to provide a venue where a hot-rodder or tuner could burn tire and race a buddy, without risking jail time or jeopardizing safety. The goal was to provide the illusion and excitement of street racing with a touch of nostalgic old-school drag racing.

All vehicles must be street legal, and that means real mufflers! In the event that your vehicle makes too much noise, even though you have mufflers, we will ask you to find a way to quiet your pipes or sit on the sidelines. Sorry, no exceptions.

Here’s the event facts:

  • Flashlight Drags will start 15 minutes after our last race is over (approx. 6:15 PM) and run until 8:00 PM on Saturday, July 12, 2014.
  • PVGP will lower the race gate fee to $5 per person for anyone entering after 4:00 PM, this includes drag racers and spectators.
  • Anyone already inside the gates can run in the Flashlight Drags too, including our historic racers and PVGP volunteers.
  • Flashlight Drags will run the event including timing and lights. Everybody’s favorite DJ Hersch will be on the PA system and broadcast all night.
  • Drivers will pay $20 to race as they enter the grid. They can race as often as they like at no additional cost.
  • Drags are conducted on a 1/8 mile trackwise. Drag races will run from the pit in exit to the starting tower. Participants circle track to start again.
  • There will be limited space for trailers for those bringing cars can not enter until 4:00 pm.
  • No passengers are allowed in cars when they race.
  • We will recognize four cars: Hersch’s Pick, Big Dog, Top Street and Top Tuner.