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Race Groups – 2017 Historics

PVGP Historics-Logo-texture-2    PIRC Pitt Race logo - 2016

Groups are subject to change – PVGP retains the final decision as to car/group placement

Group 1: Sports Racers & Formula Junior

Open wheel action with Sports Racers, Front engine Formula Jr and Rear engine Formula B, Formula 2. (Refer to SVRA Groups 2/FB, 2/FV, 5/BSR, 5/CSR, 7 and 9/Cat. 1 for general guidance)


Group 2: Modern Historics


NARRA ViperCertain to be the fastest group of the weekend watch non vintage eligible production and special cars built after 1973 blaze around the track. Including entries from the North American Road Racing Association. (Refer to SVRA Groups 10 and 12/MP for general guidance)



Group 3: Vintage Small Bore & Formula Vee

Vintage eligible small bore production cars. Formula 3 and Formula Vee. Includes any Preservation and Pre-War cars. (Refer to SVRA Groups 1 and 4/BM, 4/FM and 4/GM for general guidance)


Group 4: Vintage Medium Bore


Vintage eligible medium bore production and special cars. A wide variety of popular sports cars including Triumph’s, MGB’s, Alfa Romeo’s and Porsche 911’s. (Refer to SVRA Groups 3 and 8/DP, 8/RS and 8/BS for general guidance)



Group 5: Historic Big Bore


Vintage eligible production and special cars over 2.5 litres. Big time excitement with American muscle cars, Porsches, BMWs, Datsun 240Z’s and British iron. Vintage eligible, large displacement production and special cars. This group is based on 1979 and prior and expands based on entries. (Refer to SVRA Groups 6 and 8/A, 8/B, 8/C, 12/GTO and 12/GTU for general guidance)



Group 6: BMW Club Race

BMW CCA Club RacingBMW National Club Racing hosts a premiere points event featuring BMW Spec, Stock, Modified and Prepared Classes. Fully prepared race cars built from BMW street cars.



Group 7: Royale Formula Ford Challenge Series

This will be round #4 of The Royale Formula Ford Challenge Series and the final event before the summer break. The Royale Formula Ford Challenge Series provides a sustainable, enjoyable, safety­ oriented Formula Ford racing series in the eastern United States that rewards camaraderie, sportsmanship, and preservation of historic racing machinery and principles.


Group 8: Vintage Enduro

A 50-minute Vintage Enduro Race with a 5 minute pit stop. Not open to Modern Historics or open wheel racers. BMW’s from 1976 and prior are eligible.

Groups are subject to change – PVGP retains the final decision as to car/group placement