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BMW – 2018 Marque of the Year

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is excited to have BMW as our 2018 Marque of the Year. The BMW Car Club of America is bringing the party to Pittsburgh – the 2018 BMW O’Fest will be in Pittsburgh during our event rom July 7 through the 15th.

Each year the BMW Car Club of America throws a party—a world famous party known as Oktoberfest and sometimes simply O’fest. This movable celebration of everything BMW occurs at exciting locations throughout the country and is the ultimate motorsport family reunion.

2018 is also the 50th Anniversary of the BMW 2002 -we will have dozens of them on the track both weekends and on the fairways of Schenley Park.

This will be a bucket-list week of excitement and fun for any BMW enthusiast. Stay tuned for other surprises that have yet to be announced!